Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Am Almost There!!!!

I am going to be SHAMELESS here and do some begging! --- Please forgive me ahead of time! 

I REALLY WANT to go to THAILAND, VIETNAM and CAMBODIA. I am ready to get back in the trenches again after not having traveled for almost 3 years! 
This 3 week long trip with I.Dignify is not just an ordinary missions trip for me and the 10 others going with me! I believe it is going to be LIFE ALTERING for all of us who have committed ourselves to rescuing those who have been enslaved in sex- trafficking.
This team that is going has been academically and spiritually trained to work with sex trafficked victims and this is our trip to assess the needs in these countries, Set the Captive Free, Heal the Broken Hearted and Wounded, and Give Them Wells of Water, Naturally and Spiritually!

I NEED $965. THANKS to my wonderful hubby, Duane, who has given to this trip in more ways than one and to others who have helped me to already raise the other $2235. I am so appreciative of your love and giving!

They have given us one more extention to get the money in and it is March 7th. With your help I can go.
You can give a tax deductible gift securely through this link:
https://missiontrips.ibethel.org/transactions/new/1699 OR you can send a gift through paypal to kdcarter@mac.com

I will be sending a small copy of one of my paintings for everyone who donates!! BLESSINGS AND FAVOR for you all!

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