Tuesday, January 1, 2013


When you have a large family, you have to plan for the opening of presents to take awhile!  So our Christmas pictures continue! 

Duane got a surprise gift from Melissa

I took some of Duane's photos and put them in a frame

                           Duane surprised Me with a cute owls knowing I would love it
                                             I have no idea what I was doing here!

                               Duane got Me an office Chair so I could do my computer work in comfort

                                                     I love my husband!!

Edith and Allenni got a Glee Karoke game for the wii

YES! I got Zumba stuff ( I wrapped and bought it and surprised my self!) LOL

I also got myself this mug to remind me to have joy everyday
I was so excited I got Granola bars!

that were disgused - Eli had bought me a big green ball necklace with his saved points at school! Awesome!

Isaiah is opening a wii game for the family

Nathaniel opened Angry Birds game for the family

The Fall Out after it all! 

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