Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carter Christmas Part 6

The Merriment continues!
Have I ever mentioned that there is no lack of DRAMA in this FAMILY???

Speakers?? for what??? Oh, I bet I know!!!!
MOM: I bet you  don't! 

"OMG!!! You actually got me Assassin's Creed 3 ??????
Mom, what is wrong with you?"

This is the best day ever! Where is my sniper Nerf gun???

"Oh, hello, Do I look good in my new scarf??? I think the GAP ring is perfect to wear with it."

"You went back and got it???" You are the best mom!"

Seriously????? An ipod touch??? that is even better than a mp3 player! " Duh, you dont say?

"MOM! that is the exact one I wanted!"

Cool shirt!

A KINDLE!!!! Edith was sooooo excited for Eli, She knew her turn was coming and couldn't contain herself!
Just so everyone knows, I am really thankful for the fart apps and other noise maker apps that Eli has discovered on Google apps

Edith is already anticipating her gifts and is praising Jesus! 

I just know what this is! 

Speakers??? For what????
MOM: your tablet you already have of course.

An ipod touch!!!! This is the best day ever!!! I can have music!!! EEEEEKKKKK! 

A long awaited camera for Allenni

Allenni is very happy that now she can read books on her kindle and doesn't have to carry the computer around

Andrew has been waiting for this game for a long time!

Ben is spending time with his "ipad wife" while waiting for his turn to open presents

Finally!  a cabinet that Andrew can put his stuff in and lock up to keep Isaiah out of it!

A kindle for Andrew!!! Homework handy!

Ben got gift cards for his own ipad

Xbox live membership for Nathaniel's xbox

A John Madden football game

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