Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carter Christmas Part 3

Christmas Morning!
The kids woke up one by one and wandered into the dining room where their stockings were. There were giggles and screams of delight. Ms. Santa did really well this year evidently! 

Edith tasted Sparkling Grape juice not too long ago and fell in love.  Ms. Santa got her  her own personal bottle

Isaiah  is about to open an iron man toy

Eli is so excited that he got his own jar of hot sauce

Look at all that stuff and GUM!!!

Grenades! I'm going to blow up something

An umbrella for the excessive amount of rain we get in the winter here

Socks that will elude me in two days!

The good life!

While the others stayed in bed and we waited for Duane to come home from the hospital , Allenni and I cooked a big breakfast of french toast, sausage links and Homemade syrup

No Graham! that stocking IS NOT yours! The VERY LITTLE one is! 

He never said a word, but checked it out to find 2 pieces of coal and a mini candy cane

now he is giving me the scientific lecture on how he is thankful for the coal because potentially there could be diamonds in them 

I finally brought out his REAL stocking because he was such a real sport and his comment was, I knew you had something more for me mom!

Ben woke up. 

Everyone checking out their stockings
Nathaniel woke up and got his stuff after he stared at the bag a few minutes

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