Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carter Christmas Part 2

The packages all separated for Christmas Morning
My spinach wreath salad
A Carter Christmas is never boring that is for sure. We have kids that wake up VERY early and ones that wake up when you wake them up. Sleeping in is one of those rare things that our teens get to do and they are like "Why yes, Christmas Day is a perfect day to sleep in!"  I let the older ones sleep in
since Duane was on call and had a lot of sick babies in the hospital. After watching a movie with the older kids,  I set out to fill the kids stockings and separate the packages. and at 2:30 a.m. I lay down on the couch to take in the lights and savor what what God had done. I awoke at 3:00a.m. and  threw myself into bed.

The little kids put out cookies and candy for Santa

Santa filled all the stockings

Notice Graham's itty bitty stocking , big enough to hold coal!
Making Christmas goodies is part of our tradition.  Since I got started late, we made the favorites of everyone. We had another family over on the 23rd and had some yummy stuff!
Graham requested a cheesecake, what he doesn't know is that I made it with lowfat cream cheese and fatfree greek yogurt so I could eat it!  
This yule log was yummy and completely gluten free - fat full was not compromised here

Salmon Dip made from OR Salmon

The ham was yummy with gluten free bread and the sausage balls were gluten free as well.

All of us gathered around the table and enjoying the yummy food

Our cheese platter

Peanut butter balls and Chocolate covered cherries that Allenni and Eli made

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