Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Well, I have been in the kitchen baking and cooking all day!  I must say I enjoyed myself. I got several pies made, several sides put in the fridge and the turkey brining.  Tomorrow will be more fun getting ready for our big meal. Typically we usually have a bunch of people over but this year, time got away from me, I forgot to invite some people early enough.  But we are still planning on having a good meal.  

I am also writing about my BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY SPECIALS in my Cafepress Store.   We need 250 purchases to be able to give 2 adoptive families a vacation through our Melissa Carter Creations Vacation Giveaway!  Please share this on other blogs and with your facebook friends.  
Here is the link to the extra details Melissa Carter Creations Giveaway

We also need nominations - Let us know who the Adoptive family is either by emailing us at or by visiting Melissa Carter Creations Facebook page and commenting. ( You can like my page while you are there too! ) 

We really want to give away these vacations, so please help spread the word. 

Happy Thanksgiving!! Melissa

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