Saturday, November 10, 2012

Getting My Life Back in Order and GREAT THINGS HAPPENING

Hello everyone!
I really do miss blogging and I know I have said it before, but I really mean it this time!! Facebook has seemed to be the easy way out where I can run in and type a phrase or post a picture and be out in a few minutes!  I know if I sit down, words will flow, kids will interrupt and blog may not be coherent!  But that shouldn't stop me huh?

Well, After having moved twice in less than 2 years, having a daughter move back to AL and get married, one take off on her own, 2 other kids suffering trauma and having to get help, one 16 year old joining our family and adjusting, running our home in AL as a vacation rental while living here in CA,  trying to help two 20 year olds, living at home, get jobs and settle here in CA, I THINK my Life is about to "normalize". I'm not even sure I know what normal really is!! haha!  We always have drama and activity around here on a scale of 10 more than most families!! Is that normal??

    Anyway, a lot is in store for this coming year.  And has been in the works for quite some time. Duane and I were asked to write a chapter for a book for a dear friend and mentor of ours and who is an awesome daughter of of God. We are almost complete with the chapter and she with the book!  Our chapter deals with sex- trafficking.  That launches our next book we will be starting on very soon that is a practical/ spiritual toolkit of things we have learned through 16 years of parenting older adopted children. I am very excited about this as it has been on my heart for several years.  I am an outside of the box thinker, so be prepared to be pushed outside of your normal thinking!  

We also will be launching with a friend of mine, her brillant idea of a website that caters to and coaches adoptive parents! I am SO EXCITED about this as well!  Along side of that, Duane and I will be launching our own website that will promote the Holistic health and wellness of adoptive parents both spiritually and physically.  As you know Duane is a Pediatrician and is awesome with kids.  In the future, we hope to have a curriculum to train adoptive/ foster parents. We hope to hold respite camps and continued training for families, so they won't die like ours almost did.  

Duane and I are being pulled to get involved on a larger scale with the Sex- Trafficking issue and have been in training this past year for it as well.  I will post in later blogs more about all of that. 

In addition to all of that, My art is back on the scene and I am working to produce more works this upcoming year.  I have produced several works this year with two others almost finished and you can see them here .   

So here is where I am and I am excited about this upcoming year and what Duane and I will be able to offer to the adoption community and to families.

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