Saturday, August 11, 2012

We have moved!

We are still in CA, but God has done a wonderful thing for us and has given us a much larger house without the mortgage!  Our lease had come to an end and we had not found a house that suited us. We have been looking for over 6 months and nothing was coming up.  We had looked into buying, to renting to lease to own.  Zero.  They just don't make larger houses in CA without a large price.  We thought we had found a few places but we either had too many occupants or too many dogs.  I was determined I was neither getting rid of my kids or my dogs!!  As much as we enjoyed our house there on the water and our immediate neighbors, we felt it was time to move on. We were too far away from places we traveled to everyday. We were spending too much money on gas ($4 gal. here) and  we were missing out on things at Bethel (which is why we moved here) and the lack of space for everyone was really starting to get to us.
I knew in my heart that there had to be a place for us.  God had always been faithful and I knew he would still be that way.  Secretly in my heart, I really had an impossible list of things I wanted in the house.  Desires that would make it just perfect for us. it seemed unlikely to find a house like this but you still can dream right?  You know , these are things that you hope for but would be happy with getting one or two.  To have them all together would almost be impossible.  But then again, I do have a Father God who specializes in impossibilities.  Just sayin'.
Anyway, some of these things may seem silly and unimportant but they were important to me.  In my relationship with God, I just simply told him what I wanted. You know,  its like when you talk to  your spouse or best friend in conversation about your dreams, about your little desires.  God knows in my heart that I am content with whatever and I hope to keep my heart pure and not greedy.  But then again, I also know He loves to give good gifts to his kids.  So here were my little wants and some were even thoughts.
1. Space to spread out in --5 bedrooms
2. A large yard for the dogs to be able to run around in
3. A magnolia tree -- I missed them from the south
4. A pool
5. A BBQ area where we could entertain foreign students from BSSM school at church
6. A separate space where I could have an art studio
7. A pond for the kids to have fun on
8. Two living room areas
9. A kitchen that had a large stove
10. Humming birds
11. A Palm tree
12. Storage space
House located where Duane would not have to stay in a hotel when on call and that was closer to Bethel Church.
Seems like a lot huh??? I know it is!  I would have been happy just with the space.  But you know what?? God gives us more and above what we ask.
My new house has all of those and more!  It has more than one Palm tree,  and has two Magnolias, Several peach trees, a large apple tree, a large plum tree,  5 massive walnut trees, Flower gardens that are beautiful, a waterfall in the pool, a gourmet kitchen, a tower porch with beautiful views, two fireplaces, fountains in the front yard and more!!!! Boudreaux our Basset Hound thought he had been set free and was just running everywhere!
We all are loving the space and getting everywhere we need to faster.  It only takes us 10 minutes to get to church instead of 40 minutes!  I am so amazed at how God opened this up for us.  These didnt load in any particular order.
The kitchen overlooks the pool

My professional  6 burner Stove top

The sink area and awesome fridge which is full by the way!!!

A den which we made into a dining area because it was close tot he kitchen

The dining area which we turned into a den

1/2 of the living room overlooking patio and pool area

The other half of the living room

A canna flower

Our pool

The circular driveway

The back yard 1/2 of it

The Yolly Bolly mountains - the view from our yard and porch

The hibicus in our yard

Eli in the back yard

The pool again

My Palm trees

The front of the house


We now have room if people want to come and visit!  WE have room to breathe and I cannot wait to get my art studio set up and running!

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