Friday, August 17, 2012

Adoption Put down by Pat Roberson

I am out of sorts and saddened by the comments of Pat Roberson about adoption and orphans. Here is what I wrote immediately on Facebook after I watched the clip of his show:

"This makes me mad! Evidently, Robertson doesnt understand what the LOVE of GOD can do for a child. Ministering to orphans is more than just giving them a hug. And those of us that do take them in our homes realize they need TRUE LOVE, UNDEFILED. If a man won't date a woman because she has 3 adopted kids, then she is better off without him! there is my two cents!!!"
As I have read comments on my friends' FB pages, and have thought about this some more I want to expand on it. 
I think It is ok to be mad, for injustices said and done for those who need a voice, especially  when a voice of someone like Pat Robertson's stature in the Christian world voices opinons like that  are completely opposite of what Christ himself says and does.  Even if he is older and says what he immediately thinks, it could be a sign of his TRUE deep rooted theology about orphans and adoption. His Theology does not line up with Christ who has come to set the captive free and who is a healing place for those little ones who have been victims of others decisions.  Brain injuries and physical deformities were Jesus' speciality the last time I read the Bible. He healed many who were not in their right minds.            
      We parents who take them in DO SO because we have heard their cries of despair, we have seen their hurts and injuries. WE have chosen to see and hear as God hears. WE THE ADOPTIVE PARENTS have chosen to be the hands and feet of GOD. We have chosen to believe that underneath all those emotional and physical injuries that there is a person worth saving, worth loving.  
       We are PRACTICING True Religion and Undefiled before God the Father.  DRIVE BY HUGS ON MISSION TRIPS  and DONATIONS and GOOD WORKS may give hope for a short period and are good but they leave the children longing for more for something more permanent, they KNOW there has got to be something missing from their lives. (I am not dishing Mission trips, I take them too.)  LONG TERM COMMITMENT in ADOPTION brings LIFE!!! It brings DEEP HOPE, It brings HEALING, it brings LAUGHTER , It brings FAMILY into their world and lives. 
Do the Adopted Parents have battle wounds, and scars and frustrations and grief?? Why yes we do! But, the rewards out weigh those in the long run.  Because we have willing hearts and souls to go  somewhere deeper, God has given us his vision, God has given us his heart but he has  also given us HIS strength to accomplish seemingly impossible things. 
So to Mr. Roberson, I am forgiving of your view and your unkind words that my 9 adopted kids are weird because someone else abandoned them and injured them and abused them.  "Weird" is only your perspective and not the truth.   They are loved in the most incredible way by God and through me. 

As to the lady who chose to adopt three and was totally disappointed by Mr. Robertson's answer, You are an incredible woman of God  who hears his heart and I pray that our God will lift you up in strength and hope.  For all of those men who you have dated and have not wanted to be a Father to the Fatherless, you are better off without them because they truly do not see you for who you are.  I ask God to bring that man into your life that will truly love your heart and your children as if they were his own.  Whose heart flows in sync with the Father's heart and who wants to be a dad to those who you love and minister to. Do not grow weary in well doing. You are loved and supported by many other adoptive moms.  

To the Men who call themselves Christian and do not want the "responsibility of Christ", I say, may you have a revelation from God in your life of what an incredible woman you bypassed.  May God invade your lives to reveal his incredible love to you. 

To the men in the Church, I call you forth to be the FATHERS to the FATHERLESS. There are too few of you showing up.  The mothers are carrying far too heavy a load. Wake up and Love. 

If you want to respond to Mr. Pat  Robertson's comments, you can by going HERE:  My friends, Dawn and Jason Wright who are an  incredible adoptive mom and dad has all the contact info.

ISAIAH, adopted from UGANDA who would have been dead a month later and could not walk at two years old.  Now he climbs Mt. Lassen with his DAD!!!!

BEN and NATHANIEL adopted from BULGARIA, Should have been dead but lived to age 4 when we adopted them, They had severe learning disabilities but NOW can take care of themselves and are learning to drive and hold down a job.  LOTS of struggle but they are overcomers WITH us

Had a terrible spinal deformity and huge mass on his lower back. Ended up having a tumor  wrapped around his spinal cord but it shrunk before the docs eyes and surgery was 1 hour instead of 8 . Was destined to be crippled for his life and live as a beggar.  NOW he is healed!!! He runs, jumps, climbs and has incredible intellect that one day will design and engineer and build  buildings beyond your imagination!
These Children WOULD HAVE BEEN wastelands, never knowing the Love of an Incredible Christ willing to lay down his life for their salvation. NOW they ARE Wells of Living Water gushing forth with Life and Hope.WHICH LIFE WOULD YOU HAVE WANTED had this been YOU??  

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