Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easter at our Home

We had a great Easter.  It was our first in CA. Our friends, Chris and Liz and their girls came  over to celebrate. They are an awesome family from New Zealand and we love their accents!  I mention that because people are always commenting on our southern accents. it's lovely to hear someone else talk quite different than us!   Any way we had a wonderful meal and then went down to our neighborhood park and had an easter egg hunt.  I think we hid over 100 eggs  but I dont think we quite found all of them!
Out on our deck at home-- The rare family picture!

Chris and Liz and Sophie and Charlotte

Chris tried on Edith's hair

Boudreau so wants to jump in Chris's lap while Isaiah rough houses

Charlotte is ready for her Easter Egg hunt

They're off!

Isaiah found one

Edith and Emma were scouring the grass

Emma spots some eggs

Andrew and Charlotte looking around

Pretty Allenni

Counting up the loot and giving out prizes

These two- Graham and Isaiah are buddies

Lining up to smash eggs according to our Eastern European tradition

Don't worry! they are blown out and filled with confetti!  WE smash them over each other as we say, "He is Risen!, He is Risen indeed!"

The whole crew-- The GORES and The CARTERS

Fun friends!

Look I can fly in my frog boots!

Andrew - This boy CAN fly!

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