Saturday, March 3, 2012

Field Trip Day to Turtle Bay! PART 1

Every Friday, the kids have a field trip at their Charter School and today we went to  Turtle Bay and Sundial Bridge

Allenni and Isaiah in the gift shop 
Eli looking at the roots of a tree

Checking out the house of the native Indians Eli and Isaiah

Isaiah looking at a feather under the microscope

Andrew and his friend Carlos, I have no idea what he grabbed up to hold in the picture

Isaiah climbing and jumping and running away!

Isaiah checking out the fish tank of the Sacramento fish


This Rainbow trout has back problems

Brown spotted trout

The lady was about to feed the fish

These kids were cracking me up. Some were driving, some were riding and some were hanging on for dear life! The little boy was acting like he was in a movie while the others drove crazy. Notice Isaiah throwing his hands up! 

Now Isaiah has the wheel!  Oh no!  Trying to get these two to pose instead of act was impossible!

Did you know that CA produces the most honey than any other state? The blackberry honey here is wonderful!

There are more pics of Isaiah in this trip because I lost some of the kids who were hanging with friends-- The Indian- salmon exhibit

I found Allenni in the puzzles section

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