Saturday, March 3, 2012

DR. SUESS -Field Trip PART 2

One of the Exhibits was The Art of Dr. Suess.  It was great and was very interesting for me as an artist to see his paintings outside of his books and the progression of him as an artist.  I loved it! Because no flash could be used the pics here are not the greatest.  I loved the bright colors he used.  He was also a sculptor and was very creative in many things.

Isaiah acting like a Lorax

Isaiah wanted to eat the green eggs and ham

Standing beside Horton but we knocked out Horton, in the picture below, We got Horton. Allenni took the picture but Isaiah was too busy trying to give me a hug and I was trying to tell him to smile!!! Hortn is hearing the Who.

This made me smile.  For a while Dr. Suess sculpted these  "unofficial taxidermy" animals and created his figures for his  stories and tried to market them.  They sold for $3-$6 but because times were hard, people did not buy.  Now  a days they sell for $1,000,000

Allenni and her friend Elizabeth and Horton

I thought this was great- Me and the cat sort of look alike!

This was the saying behind me on the Wall

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