Tuesday, December 13, 2011

St. Nicholas Day! Dec. 6, 2011

One of the anticipated holidays we celebrate as a multicultural family is St. Nicholas Day.  On the evening of December 6th, we all line our shoes up by the door in hopes that St. Nick will drop by and fill them up with goodies.  This tradition stems from Eastern Europe where 4 of our kids are adopted from.  Some of the kids made sure that they had their boots out there, hoping that the bigger the shoe, the more gifts He would bring!  I think Isaiah's shoes were the smallest and it looks like he got the biggest packages!  

 All of our shoes lined up by the door.  Some of the kids were afraid St. Nick wouldn't know we moved to CA! I assured them he did in fact know that!  ;)   Edith was a little wary of putting her shoes out but Allenni coached her that she should but her knee high boots out.  Asia, who is staying with us, put her boots as well.  Looks like Mom and Dad forgot their shoes!
 Andrew with his goodies the next morning
 Eli was happy at his findings- a glow in the dark gun and a chocolate fish
 Allenni found a belt making kit and some candy
 Edith got a fun christmas headband among other goodies
 And she was brave enough to put it on!
 Eli was a bright Christmas tree!
 Benny as he is affectionately known around here displays his Santa and is happy to have an itunes card
 Chocolate, Gum, Candy, glow gun and Reindeer antlers!  What was St. Nick thinking????

Graham is dazed that St. Nick got him a Starbucks card
Is that Justin Beiber wrapping paper behind him?????

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