Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

This was one of my thrift Store finds today! I collect Santas and there he was for $7.50! He plays music and the light burns like a candle and he twists his head and moves his arm. He's pretty old but in good shape.
My Amaryllis, growing!
Some of my Santas in the kitchen
More Santas
I found a place for some of my Nativities
The partially finished tree! For the First time ever, we bought a REAL fresh cut Tree! it smells so wonderful, though it is a pain to keep watered. I couldn't resist the snow sprayed ones. With all the snow covered mountains surrounding us, I thought it would fit perfect! and it did. Here the tree is only partially decorated.
 Hmmmm. It looks like Isaiah has been playing with the Nativity. I don't remember a snowman bringing cookies to Jesus in the stable!  
 Looks like the Angel and the Sheep traded places
 :( One of our Santas was broken.  Actually this was one of several and some of our Christmas stuff is missing.  I guess somebody else is enjoying it as the movers probably gave it to them.  (We got other people's stuff as well. )
 My other Salvation army find. A homemade nativity to add to my collection. I hung it on the wall.
 The finished tree with colored lights. It is our first ever REAL FRESH CUT TREE!  It is hard to keep watered. It is drying out fast!  I hope it lasts til Christmas.
I wrap the kids gifts in their own paper!  The trick is that no one knows which is their paper until Christmas Morning!  It keeps them guessing!  I wonder who has JUSTIN BEIBER????  Its not who you think!!!
Nathaniel is unwrapping all my Santas to put up in the kitchen

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