Thursday, December 22, 2011

Outside Our Back Door

Though we live in a house that is really too small for our large family, our home couldn't be located in any better spot.  We are directly on the water of Lake California and right behind us across the street is the Sacramento River.  I love going out at night and just seeing the incredible stars, that I  had never seen while hearing the rushing waters of the River.  Duane's hobby is photography and here I would like to share a few pics with you that he tool the other day.  

 A Turkey Vulture
 The sun setting on the River
 A cool plant

Our backyard and neighbor's house
One night there was a halo around the moon.  These are formed by six sided ice crystals in the upper atmosphere and the light reflects off of them. The spot beside it is Venus.
 The River

 Can I help you???
 The great sky
 Lots of ducks have migrated to the Lake for the winter
 Not sure what kind of bird this is

 The view from our balcony
 My Red Amyrillis

 There was an eclipse the other night and Duane got some pictures
 My Window seems to be the perfect place for the Amyrillis and Pepper plant

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