Thursday, December 22, 2011

Allenni, Andrew and Eli's Christmas Program

Allenni, Andrew and Eli got to a charter school and all of us have enjoyed it!  They do quiet a few electives and Their Christmas program highlighted the electives. They did so good! 

 Eli is learning to play the Ukulele. He was so proud and nervous he says! 
 He told me that he had to have a haircut before his concert. his hair had been to his shoulders.  The girl went a little overboard. Nevertheless, he looks cute.  Can't believe my boy is nine years old!  What a miracle he is!  Somewhere in his clothes he found a suit! and wanted me to fix his tie. Out of nine people in the house, Not a one of us knew how to do it. Thankfully Dad walked in just in time to tie it and I didn't have to figure it out through a youtube video! 
 This kid really is musically inclined and loves stringed instruments.  He watched the violin kids play and said to me, I need to learn that!

 Allenni's Spanish class recited The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish! 

 Andrew's Spanish class told us about themselves and their families in Spanish
 HE was a little nervous

 Allenni and Andrew showed off their Jazzercise moves in a song called the HI -LOW
Allenni is pretty natural in dance

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Gio said...

Miss you guys!
Thanks for coming back to the blog world :)

Hope to see you guys one day soon!

much love

Merry Christmas!


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