Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Summer Trip to Lake Siskiyou

So one Saturday, we decided to go the the Bethel Family Day at Lake Siskiyou. We had no idea where we were going and we did not know anybody. By the time we decided to just stop and have our picnic, Duane and I were pretty irritated with each other. It was not the best outing we had but in the end we it ended up ok. Eli, Allenni, And WA roasting jumbo marshmallows
Eli had the perfect marshmallow
Allenni got it right too
Whiskeytown Lake with Shasta Mtn. in the background. This was in July.
A Cedar
Eli was catching catfish that were about 3/4 inches long. They were little

Graham- notice the broken arm
See those two boys standing on the bridge? That is Graham and WA. Mom was not happy Graham was jumping with a broken arm
They jumped!
Blue flower

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