Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, this week I determined that I would sit down for an hour a two a day and begin to write a book that has been brewing in my heart for many years but one that I didn't have all the info to write on. I have felt urgently that it is time to pull out the computer and start typing.
This book is a product of my search of how to draw on the power of God and the Kingdom of Heaven for our situations of helping the adopted child heal. And more importantly of helping the adoptive parent heal. Whether we want to believe it or not, our child's issues of abandonment and rejection bring up those issues in our own lives. For too long we have tried to parent these kids in our own understanding and strength. It has pretty much been a trial and error thing. I've watched as families fell apart and as mine almost fell apart trying to do what was right and true. I've watched stress and anger infiltrate where love and joy should have been. I knew in my heart we were missing something. I think I have found some of those answers and I am asking God to continually reveal more to me. My heart is that REAL joy, peace and love will truly engulf these kids who have experienced so much hurt.

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:
"We knew behavior modifications were just a bandaid on a problem that was actually a deep soul issue. Something was always missing. The deep wound needed to be healed. The question was, “How can such a deep wound be healed?” It was much easier said than done. Could it actually be done? You and I both know that you usually don’t have a cooperative child and you as the parent become exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. I learned that in reality love was not enough! Behavior modifications were not enough! Consequences were not enough! Hope can wane thin. Anger can set in. Exasperation can attack. Fear can rise. Energy gets depleted. Unforgiveness sets in. And that is just what you the parent is experiencing! This is not what we as parents signed up for. We signed up to love. We signed up to give a child a family. We didn’t know that pain would come and invade our lives this deeply. Our hearts ache because we see the potential in our children we call our own but they can’t see past their past. My hope is that this book will give parents HOPE."

So, If you think about me, just pray that what needs to be in here will flow easily so the book can be completed quickly.

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wendi said...

I completely understand all of your introduction. I was just talking about this same thing with a friend and fellow adoptive mom this morning. I will pray that God give you the words so you can share them with those of us who need desperately to hear them.


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