Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moving Day has arrived!!!!

I think we had close to 300 boxes! But not too much furniture

Moving Day came and they were early! We were still packing while they were loaded. I do not recommend this moving company to anybody! We had a lot of hassle and many things in the end were missing and heavily broken. Email me if you need to know the company.

On the other side, the moving guys themselves were great. As you can tell from these pics, Our kids made friends pretty easily. These guys were awesome! They were all from the NJ area. Two had been raised in the foster system and one was from Africa.
I do forget all of their names at the moment- with Nathaniel
ELi, Isaiah and Nathaniel

Miss Magy being cool
Nathaniel thinks he is really cool
Mom has strong guys to move her furniture!
He is the boss!
Isaiah offered the guys one of cookies that nana had given him
It really touched this guy I think.

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