Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving to CA in 8 days!!!!

Well, the movers come on June 2nd and between packing, getting the new construction finished up, having a daughter move out and another one get engaged, setting up our house for a vacation rental, finishing up a commissioned painting, and celebrating a birthday or two every month since Feb. , I have been busy!
I really had good intentions of keeping the blog more current and I apologize to those of you who follow. I will have to move some pictures from facebook over here to update.
We are really excited about our move and are SO GLAD that we are flying now instead of driving. I found a great flight that leaves Nashville and arrives in Sacramento six hours later. no changing planes! That will help tremendously in getting this crew there. If they had an app that would let me blog through my phone, I might get more on here. maybe they do and I haven't discovered it yet.
We have 6 days before we leave town and no house to live in, in CA! we have looked and looked but there is none BIG enough where we would like to be living! Through it all, we are trusting that God has it all worked out. We do have a place for 10 days to stay in while we house hunt and the kids can swim and enjoy themselves.
So in case I don't post for another few weeks, I'll see you in CA!!

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Christine said...

Oh goodie! We are in Ca! What part?


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