Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eli's 9th Birthday - March 6-14

In late Feb., Early March, we celebrate 3 birthdays in 10 days!
We celebrated Eli's 9th Birthday with a family Dinner but then had a party for him on the 14th. Even though it rained a lot, several did come and they had a great time. Since we couldn't roast weiners and marshmallows outside in the firepit, Duane had already grilled the weiners and we roasted the marshmallows in the fireplace. They then watched the Scooby Doo- Campfire movie. It was actually the easiest party I have ever had.

Sodas and ice cream cake are special for birthdays
Eli loves Legos
Party Stuff ready to go!
Allenni and Eli roasting marshmallows in the fireplace

Getting cards and presents
Graham always in movement

Eli and his friend Matt
The movie on the big screen ceiling

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