Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Construction Progress

I'm wondering how we are going to change the light bulbs. "Hey, Ben! Will you pull out the scaffolding out of the closet and balance the ladder so we can change the bulbs?"
The stairs go in

We came back home in Feb. from CA to find the living room ceiling had been knocked out!
Since putting in new kitchen was knocked out of our budget, we decided to update the one we had. Counter tops are coming.

Beautiful! looks like granite but is lamanite
The color is going on the walls!
Maggie and Seora's room to be. Cinnamon Spice and Spring Green
My art studio/office - Jamacian Sea and Mystical Sea
BOY'S BIG BEDROOM - Arucana Teal and Sea Glass
The Media Den - Delicious Red
The Living Room - Melissa's Custom Color- Coral Sunset (I love this color) As the sun changes through the day, it changes color so many times just like a sunset
The cabinets are about to get painted.
Isaiah finds a hammer and decides to build - unfortunately he thought the hammer was a tool to bang the front door and front porch and walls in the new garage. We took the hammer away.

Boudreaux decided that the chair on the front porch was comfortable enough
My painted cabinets and walls!! Black and Eastern Amber - now the tile backsplash has to go up!

I cannot believe it is March already! My how time flies! Our lives have seemed to be a whirlwind lately. There has been lots of activity around here in this house! Lots of sawing, hammering, painting and decisions having to be made about the house to get it finished up. This house is going to be great once it is finished in a few weeks. I am loving it! I will fully enjoy it for the two months we have to live it in before our move to CA. We have found a house we think will be big enough for us in CA but at this time can't purchase it so we are waiting on God to show us what to do. He has been faithful up to this point to pave the path for us, so we are trusting him to take care of this for us as well.

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