Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seora and Maggie Going to Thailand

Hi Family and Friends, I hope this letter finds all of you doing well. Life around here is busy for sure but it is good. We have watched God continue to be faithful and good to us. He reveals to us daily how much He loves us and it blows us away. I have been behind in blogging and keeping up my website but hope that this summer I will be a little more organized. Why are you smiling? I will! Part of writing this note is to tell you about our daughters. Seora and Maggie, are now 21 and 20 years old. They are graduating from High School this June. We have been home schooling them for the last 5 years and they have made remarkable progress. God has done and is doing great works in their lives. They will be going to Thailand to help with the childcare of some missionary friends of ours. Our friends’ ministry is very demanding with odd hours, so the girls will be of great help to them and the missionaries will have peace knowing their girls are being cared for and are safe when they have to go out to do street ministry. This will be a great answer to prayer for our missionary friends. They have been needing someone for sometime and so Our family decided, "Why not us?" I am sure that opportunities of ministry will come up for them to participate in as well. We know this will be a great experience in their lives. This is in part why I write this letter. We need to raise money for them to travel next month. They need living expenses + airfare. They will be gone at least 3 months. They need $3500 each for this mission trip. If want to donate to their trip, You can donate by paypal to -- note: S and M You can donate by participating in the chip-in on the right on my blog You can send a check to Melissa Carter at 313 Harris Dr. Florence, AL 35634 Thanks so much for your help and your investing in the lives of others who are spreading the good news. We are so proud of our girls wanting to do this. My and Duane's desire is that our children grow to have servant hearts and that they spread the LOVE of Jesus across the world. That they live in the Kingdom now. To us, this means we have been successful in life. Thanks in advance for your support. Even if you can't give financially, You can pray for them. We will let you know more details as we move forward. May our Daddy-God just send overwhelming waves of Love into your life today, Duane and Melissa Carter

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