Sunday, February 21, 2010

So what do you do with all the free time?

What do you do with all ther free time while you are waiting on the USCIS to find your paperwork??

You let Allenni do your hair. It was hot, I wasn't feeling well and it had been months since I had had a haircut. Allenni loved playing with my hir and I didn't mind it all so she REALLY fixed me up!

I look like I should be on a Cat walk with this hairdo!

Allenni was so proud of this hair design
Little Bethany brushed my hair too
The other thing you do when you are bored is you take mom's camera and take random pictures

You dress up with ties you have found after rummaging through mom's suitcase and pose for pics
I'm a ham!
And a turkey!

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