Saturday, February 13, 2010

July 6-13, Africa, The story continues about visas, Email to Duane

Isaih decides he can pick Samuel up
Isaiah is checking out Samuel, Hedda and Jason's little boy. He loves Babies
Little Samuel
Jason, Hedda and I with Samuel
Hedda and Jason

I did end up going to the doc anyway. He didn't tell me anything I didn't know already. Though I was still coughing some and tired, he didn't hear anything in my chest, but said I had a bronchial infection. He was amazed at all the medicines I was taking and told me that I was doing everything I should be. He changed some things around and told me To keep getting rest.
Here is the email I sent to Duane:
"Hey babe, I rested this afternoon and then we went to Lake Victoria for a fish dinner. Then Hedda and Jason came to stay at the mission and now I am putting Isaiah to bed before I go. I am worn out! Doc said I had viral bronchial infection and was impressed with ALL the meds I was taking. He upped the dosage of albuterol and told me to only do breathing treatments when I was wheezing. He took me off of ibuprophen and told me to take tylenol and changed my cough expectorant. He took me off antibiotics because if I had been on them this long then it wasn't bacterial. He told me to get lots of rest and get better so I could go home. He was a really nice guy. He also told me to pray because sometimes God bypasses the docs and just heals you. I told him I accepted that. On asking why I was in Uganda of course, in short he learned about our family and asked why we would do it. I told him it was God's idea and we never started out but God had put a love in our hearts and usually showed us which child to take. He said my lungs sounded good and there was just some congestion in the upper. He gave me a breathing treatment with oxygen while there and it helped some. I miss you too and got your text. You are so sweet. I'm going to need alot of TLC when I get home. Hope you are planning on babying me. :) Hedda and Jason got their passport today and have an appointment on Monday and fly out Wed. I'm thinking flying out on Friday might be doable if we do get the approval by Wed. If we don't have the approval by Wed. then I will need to cancel my appointment at the Embassy. Well, I gotta go. I love you bunches and miss you terribly. love, Me"

Duane also contacted Senator Sessions office to see if they could help us get things moving along and they said they would try to help.
After sending Duane this info from the doc, he wrote back:
Hey love!! I miss you. I guess you are following Doc's orders and resting and that is good. I haven't gotten a call from L. D. yet. I'll call Monday if I haven't heard anything by then. I am still praying that you completely recover from that mess you have. ...... Anyway, I love you dearly and I am praying that by this time next week I'm getting ready to come and pick you up. I hope my heart can make it to then. Love ya!!

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