Sunday, February 14, 2010

Andrew's Birthday July 20th

Well, I had hoped to be home by now and would have wanted to celebrate Andrew's birthday in the States with the rest of the family. We have not heard anything at all and some days the wait with no news is hard to bear. When it got to looking like we would still be here, I went to the store to find a few things to have a little party for Andrew and his friends. Everything was so expensive and cheaply made but it was worth it to see the fun the kids had. Andrew invited the kids from the Trauma House and we had hot dogs and matoke chips and ice cream. Allenni the night before had scared me to death when she didn't come home after dark. I sent people into the village to try to find her and finally she came home. She had gone down the mountain into the village and crossed the main highway to go to the market to buy Andrew a little cake for his birthday. Of course, I got upset with her but she and Andrew did not see what all the fuss was about. Oh the differences in cultures. We won't let our kids cross the street by themselves and they run everywhere by themselves.

Isaiah enjoying the food
Little Bethany
The kids from the Trauma house all lined up ready to eat
We were praying over the food
I found these mask, with honking big noses but the kids loved them
They loved the party hats as well
Miss Maggie
Brian, Andrew and Francis I think
Tito, Allenni, Candy,Francis and nathaniel jumping on the trampoline
lots of laughter came from the trampoline
Little miss Bethany loved the ice cream sundae
Yes, I am bellowing the happy birthday song to Andrew
opening his package with his teeth
I had bought him a change of clothes.
he loved his tie
Isaiah in his birthday suit!

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