Saturday, December 12, 2009

Medical Mission Outreach with the Team

The hole has been drilled and they began hooking up the pipes

Getting ready to put the test pump into the ground
lowering the test pump into hole
Setting the pipes up for the water to runThe children came out to meet us when we pulled up

Well, today I got to go on a medical outreach and I loved every moment of it. Brenda had some of the girls keep the kids so I could go. Maggie decided she didn't want to go and stayed behind as well. So I was off. When we arrived, the first thing I did was go over with the team to the area where they were putting in a bore hole for the school and the village. It was great to see. Epic church had paid for a bore hole to be dug and put in so the village could have fresh water. Currently, they had to walk quite a ways down a steep slope to get dirty water. Today I watched as new life was given to this school and village. Clean water at the top of the hill meant less time to collect it. It meant disease free water and a healthier village. How fun and exciting it was to see the hole dug and watch it start working! These people were so excited! We all were so excited.

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