Saturday, December 12, 2009

Isaiah Swallows Shillings and God Answers It is Done!

Rico from the California team installing smoke detectors
Maggie and Brianna painting the posts of the college dorms
Maggie did a great job and had those posts looking like new
Pastor Bruce painting the gate
Maggie took a break with Isaiah and watched a movie on the computer

Today the mission team hung around the campus where we were staying and fixed it up. They painted and added smoke detectors, and did some rewiring and fixing up all over the place. the Bible school is used for mission teams when Bible school is not in session and is the headquarters for Hannah's house where young pregnant mothers come to be cared for. It was the home also at the time to the Baby house where they had several children but that has since been moved to Seguku.

Note: I didn't get to journal every day but did take notes when I could and photos to try to help me remember what happened. The following is from my journal on June 30,2009.
Isaiah swallowed 200 shillings and was choking, Esther tried to get it out with her finger and Isaiah bit her very good.

The rushed him to me and in panic, I patted him on the back then asked for a glass of water. Why? I don’t know. He vomited and up came the shillings and banana. He coughed a little and then wanted bread. So I was glad he was ok. That kid puts everything in his mouth!

Today was a rough day . All the kids were tough to handle even Maggie. Andrew hit Maggie for no reason and had to serve her all day and was mad about that. He was pretty stubborn. Scott had to give him a talk and he changed his attitude. Maggie got a bad attitude when I corrected her and for some time kept it. Sass mouth and all.

Tonight we had worship with the team and it was hard to concentrate because Isaiah was being very disturbing and I got hot and started having coughing spells. I went to take him out to bed and Maggie offered to take him. I got some water and the coughing calmed down some.

A little later I started coughing again and so went to the room to check Maggie and Isaiah and he was not asleep. Maggie told me I missed two calls from John and a text message.

I so so excited to read on my text message that WE GOT PASSPORTS For Allenni and Andrew!!!!!!!! HALLULIJAH!!!!!!!! We won't see them until we get to Kampala but they are in our lawyers hand. I cried and hugged her a bunch and then went to tell Brenda but she was putting Bethany down. Instead I told Katie who said that we couldn't keep this good news quiet and told me to go tell Brenda. Brenda and I cried and rejoiced together. She has been such a sister to me, to encourage me through this whole journey. So sitting there back in the room with her and celebrating a victory was precious to me as I knew she had dug in deep spiritually with me and had taken our family to the throne over and over again. I then celebrated with Esther and made an announcement to all the rest of the house as they were having worship. What a joyous moment we had knowing that God had kept his promise and had seen us through to get our kids their passports. God is so Good , I knew he was going to do it!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!

So though the day was tough, God gave it a good ending. I did get to paint some today as well. I can't even get on the internet to let everyone know about this so I am about to burst! I called Duane and was a little disappointed by his reaction. Which was really no reaction at all, except a that's good. It hurt my feelings that he didn't act with excitement but later found out that he had had a very bad day. And he wasn't in the rejoicing mood. Sometimes I don't understand him. He sure knows how to burst a bubble. Later it occurred to me that he might be in a great big slump that I didn't understand and he just couldn't see the bright big blue sky(getting passports) because all the trees (problems with our immigration papers being lost) and just needed to have God encourage him.

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