Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We need your help!

The outside of our house.
Seora and Maggie's room in basement that got water damage

The girl's stuff piled up down stairs
Graham and Isaiah's room totally unuseable
The ceiling that caved in and let water pour in for 2 days.

Hi everybody!
We arrived home at 1am on Sunday night and what a gloriuous reunion it was! Our Family and friends were waiting at the airport with signs and balloons. We were the last to get off the plane, so it created suspense for Duane whether or not we were on the plane! Other passengers kept assuring our group that we were coming! I had 3 kids who were beyond exhausted and that were hard to wake up but finally Maggie and I succeeded and we walked them off of that airplane.
We lost one piece of luggage but found it and it was delivered yesterday. I'll write more later about out trip when my brain comes out of the fog. Because you know it was an adventure! The kids are enthralled with everything and are fitting in great! Eli is so excited to have playmates! Isaiah still wants to sleep with mommy but hopefully I can wean him to slep in his bed soon!

Well, I must admit, I am overwhelmed! The next morning after arriving home, I got a call telling me that a friend of mine had died unexpectedly. So Duane and I went to the visiting hours last night. I was a zombie and probably more emotional than I would have been but am glad that I was home to be able to go.
Then, upon observance of my home and the damage done to two bedrooms from the severe storm we had a few weeks ago, it has overwhelmed me somewhat. Two of the bedrooms are unliveable and so I have Graham sleeping in the foyer of the house and Maggie and Seora are sleeping on a bunk bed in the den downstairs. Isaiah's bed we put in my room and Allenni we had to move in with Eli and Andrew. So we have two bedrooms for 9 kids. There are boxes of stuff everywhere that service masters packed up and cleaned. Furniture is stacked from these rooms wherever we had a space.
I just found out last night upon looking for clothes for Isaiah and Allenni to wear that everything I had for them in the dresser and shelves were water damaged beyond cleaning and so I have only two outfits for Isaiah and church dresses for Allenni. On top of all of that, My mind has gotten busy thinking of all the things to get caught up on as well as preparing for the school year to start!
You can tell this family has been with out a mom for a long time! ha!
Duane has done a great job, considering he also was working full time and trying to fill my shoes.

Here's where we need your help. I am not asking for money or anything of the sort! It is really hard to ask for your help but I am going not be prideful and do it.
As most of you know, back in December 2008 we started adding the addition on to our house.
We had saved up money to do this and then the economy crashed and we lost 1/2 the money we were going to use on the house, when the stocks crashed, then we got the call that it was time to go to Africa. This 3 month trip took all our savings. In the mean time we had to halt construction on the house, putting a temporary roof on it and hoping that we could just work on it little by little as we got money, but all that money was spent in Africa. So therefore the temporary roof served its course and when the severe storm came through a few weeks ago, it was damaged and water poured into the house through roof and down two floors! This putting us out two bedrooms.
Finishing the construction would give us four bedrooms and a kitchen and dining room that we need desparately.
In our local neighborhood paper, there was an article that Extreme Home Makeovers was looking for families in the Shoals area where we live to help. Some friends of ours nominated us. And so while I was still in Africa, Extreme Home Makeovers contacted us to ask questions and asked for photographs of our family, our house and our story.
They are considering us for the show but WE NEED YOUR HELP in writing a short email to them to support us. You can write to : castingalabama@gmail.com. Getting this done would be an awesome blessing as well as help us spread the news nationally about how adoption can change the life of a child.
Here in part is what the article said: "We're looking for those special people who have amazing strength of character and never give up. Whether its keeping their chin up in really tough circumstances or going out of their way to help others. We want to help people whose stories have really affected their community or made a differnence in other people's lives. ... We really want to help families whose homes present major problems for the family, those big issues that affect the family's quality of life on a daily basis."

We started this renovation project knowing for certain it was what God wanted us to do and we have trusted him in the finish of it and still do. I have asked God many times to just surprise us in finishing the house. And wonder if this is his surprise! If it is not the way then we know he has something better in mind. But since the door has presented itself, we are trying it.
So if you can send a short email to the one listed above, please do. We would be blessed.


uncle steve said...

hey guys!

sounds like a lot is going on. we in the Choir are excited about your family, and about the newest arrivals into the household ;).

please know you are in my prayers, and that an email has been sent to the appropriate people.

they would just be crazy not to help, wouldn't they?

love you guys.


Melissa said...

Not only did I send an email..but I am going to be praying like crazy that God blesses you with this. Not just because you need it, but the opportunity to speak out of behalf of orphans would be great. The impact of having your family on a major television show would be amazing. Glad you are home, praying for everyone to settle in and for your strength as you find your new normal :)

bronxladydiva said...

I read your myspace post & blog last night right before church. In the middle of my worship, I started praying for this. God gave me a vision. I saw bowed down on the ground in praise and in front of you was your new house & Ty standing there, not really knowing what to say. So, Girl, I think you should just start praising God NOW for it. It's already done. Call those things that are not as though they already are! When 2 or more are agreed on a thing, it is done.
Have a blessed day!
Cindy Pratt-Hall

Christine said...

Just finished emailing them Melissa. Let me know what happens. We were in the same exact boat as you in 2005. We were over in Russia adopting Anna and Sveta leaving our house in the middle of a major remodeling project (roof off because we were adding a second story) and a horrible rainstorm hit causing major water damage. You will get through this one way or another. Big hugs.


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