Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Eli, Allenni, and Andrew's room AFTER Duane had told me that thye had worked on it a few hours before I came home and AFTER i had the little ones pick up so we could see some of the floor!
Messy! We couldn't find any of Andrew' clothes or anything and Allenni had no where to put her things
Tada! Everyone go their own clothes drawers
They each got a place to hang their clothes and a junk drawer to put their stuff. We moved all the toys downstairs. That's a project for another day!
Having our picnic
Maggie and Ben
Isaiah loved the slide
So did Andrew
Ben is an awesome big brother
Andrew climbed high
The kids started up a soccer game
Allenni and Isaiah loving on each other
Allenni loves her new clothes!
Graham was enjoying using his zapper I brought him from Africa! The moths and fruit flies had no chance
Isaih loved swing the zapper like big brother Graham.

Hey there everyone! I just learned this morning that you can continue to nominate us up until Friday the 28th! just send an email to castingalabama@gmail.com You can put it tothe attention of Josh.
They are specifically looking for a family in our area.
Thanks to all of you who have already sent in a good word for us, we appreciate it.

Thanks to those of you who have provided clothes for Allenni and Isaiah. It is a blessing to us.
As Allenni was sitting in front of her closet helping me to sort and fold the clothes, she was beaming! Out of the blue she says,
"Mum, God really loves me. He has given me all these clothes!"
Oh, I wished you could have been there to hear it. I smiled back at her,
"Yes, He loves you a lot, look at all these pretty things." She just kept repeating it and smiling, "God loves me."
So from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for sharing God's love with my daughter.
Isaiah loves his clothes just as much! He squeals with delight every time I show him a new outfit.

All in all the adjustments of the kids are going well, despite the chaos and mess in the house. We are still in the honeymoon stage but I think being with them in Uganda had established a trust that has allowed for a smooth transition.

I, am doing better but just can't get rid of this congestion that lingers in my chest. Your continued prayers are appreciated. My energy is returning and I am beginning to feel more like myself.
I was able to totally revamp and organize Allenni, Andrew and Eli's room. It took 3 days, but with the help of many hands, it got done. I'll post before and after pictures.
I also got the kitchen counters cleaned off that were holding 3 months of mail and other junk!
And I got the pool area looking ok as it had 3 months of weeds and spider webs, leaves and junk around as Duane scheduled our church baptism there this past Sunday.
Its ok, I work best under pressure. :-)
So I am off to a start!

The kids are all excited because our local TV station did a short piece on us yesterday. They are all so proud. Josh, from WAFF48 did an awesome job with it. The video clip is not on their website but a short article is. You can visit by clicking here.

Well, I promise I will blog, but I am kept busy by little Isaiah who REALLY likes to explore!
Whew! Its been 13 years without a toddler around and I had forgotten! HAha!

Please pray for Isaiah if he comes to your mind. He continues to have nightmares, so we are up several times a night soothing him.

We had an awesome day yesterday. Duane had a day off so we packed a picnic and went to the park where our town has put in an awesome play ground and a splash pad. We were
disappointed that the splash pad was closed but we had an awesome time and came home and swam and then finished the day off with ice cream and an incredible family prayer time where Duane and I prayed over each of the kids and they prayed over us. We celebrated God's victory for the completion of our family. It was awesome to see us all together in one room. God's answer to prayer.
Well, those are tidbits of what has happened in the first week home.
I assure you there is more to come!

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