Sunday, August 9, 2009


We are packed and ready to go home! How long do you think it will take us?
We are all thumbs up!
Isaiah was like, "Mum, What are you doing?" But he was all laughs!"
This man had dug this hole by hand.

Well, we have finally found a way to get home!! We are so excited. I was tired of waiting for both the Uganda and US governments, who were taking their sweet time. So I took matters into my own hands! Desperate people do desperate things! How you might ask? Well, it was very easy. We hired some men to dig a hole to America! They were very accommodating and it didn't cost us very much. You don't believe me? See the photos with this post! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I wish! We might make it home by next year doing it that way!
Actually, the men have been digging in Scott and Brenda's yard for several days because they are looking for the septic tank. We have been having septic problems. They are at 12 feet now. Brenda and I got to laughing after we could only see the dirt being thrown out of the hole and said hey, Maybe he's digging you a way home!
The kids were game to take this photo, so we had a lot of fun, though the guys digging the hole probably thought we were looney muzugus.

On a good serious note, the kids and I had a sweet good time last night.
For some reason, they all were pretty wired and I felt like I was running a circus. I decided to take advantage of that energy and we spent some time in our room. We had had a fellowship earlier in the evening up at the guest house with some of the other missionaries, and so had just had tea and dessert. After we got home, along with Scott and Brenda we had ordered rolexes, which are chapattis filled with eggs, tomatoes,and cabbage from the boda boda guy to bring us from the village. They came and I corralled the kids into our room and we sat around eating the rolexes. Then came the good part, I told the kids," we need to thank God for the visas." "But mom," Andrew said," we don't have them." So I told him," really we do. You know how I have told you that you have a bicycle in America and you have thanked me, even though you haven't actually seen the bicycle?" "Yes," they said with a big smile. "Well, the same is with the visas, We can't see them right now but we know God has them for us, so we just need to thank Him for them, instead of asking him for them." "Ohhh," they said with a big smile, "ok." So we joined hands in a circle and all together thanked God for our visas, shouted Hallelujah! and Praise the Lord! and Thank You God for the Visas, with laughter and dancing as only my little Africans can do it- African Style.
This unspeakable joy was in that room and I knew God was smiling at us. It was great!
After herding them of to the bed, I went back to my room to settle in to talk with Duane for my nightly date, confident that we would hear good news this week.
This morning, Andrew came into my room, and said, "Mum, we are getting visas today." "Oh yes? How do you know?" I was just curious. "Well, God told me", he replied. "Last night, He sent an email to my brain." "Well, wonderful!, we will believe it!"
This morning when I checked my emails, I had one from Saharah at the Embassy,
that said she had located my approval. The National Visa Center had sent her an email stating that they had contacted ATL and found out that they had given our approval August 4 and it was supposed to have arrived at the NVC on the 7th. So we are hoping for an upload today here. I have to call the Embassy this afternoon to check and see. So if that happens, we can apply for the visas this afternoon, or tomorrow and possibly leave by Wed. or Thursday if we can find a flight to come home.
So we continue to HOPE that this time,we are truely coming home

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