Monday, May 18, 2009

I only thought I was finished packing!

At The Hunstville Airport getting ready to take our trip Ben is taking photo

Woke up early (6:30) this morning, with a Summer Tanager pecking on my window. For over two weeks now that bird has been doing that! I really would like to sleep a little longer. So... since I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to go and check one more time about the weight of the bags we can take. Well, United let us take a carryon not weighing more than 40lbs and we were at 26 on both of them but South African will only let you take one that weighs 18 lbs! What to do?????
I had to unpack ALL of the suitcase and go through EVERYTHING and really decide what I HAD to take. So I took out baby clothes and diapers and several outfits for me and some of the kids outfits and some more chocolate and left the shampoo and etc.... you get the picture. Then we changed from the roller carry ons to soft sided duffles which reduced the bags by 10lbs itself. I now am officially the weight Queen. Try me. Just ask me how much something weighs. Go ahead.
The law dictionary itself that I am taking for John weighs 6lbs. I did get that squeezed into a suitcase. So that took me about four hours to get the suitcases redone and weighed. We are cutting it close still but I think we will make the cut. We are praying for favor at the check in.
After lunch, Duane took me and the kids up to a great place he and Graham discovered and we hung out by the Tennessee River and two gorgeous waterfalls and watched the Herons sometimes up to 15 dive for fish. It was relaxing and a great break that was needed before the long trip. I am glad that I listened to Duane to stop and go.
Well, we head out tomorrow and there is not much to be done except finish packing my backpack.
P.S. Yesterday was Isaiah's 3rd Birthday.

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