Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on Isaiah's passport

I got an email on April 16 from our friend John who has been helping us. He is in Law school and as he was in court today, he ran into our attorney who didn't show up for his meeting the other day and asked him about our case with the baby and what the progress was. His words were that he had to see the Minister of Gender and then immigration before the passport was completed. This really makes no sense because last week he told us the passport was to be printed on the 14th. So it sounds like the attorney is doing nothing but giving us the run around.
It also appears that the original birth certificate for the baby is missing. Ugh! We left it in the hands of the attorney back in May 2008 as it had to be turned in with the application for the passport.
Thanks for all of you who have sent messages saying you are praying. I really believe that this time with me going over there, we will accomplish this. Our US immigration approval expires in June and we would love not to have to renew even though we have started that process. Please continue your prayers we really appreciate it. I'll keep you updated as to when I decide to leave.
There is so much to do to get ready, if I do. I will plan to be gone a month.

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