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Invisible Children - The Rescue

Please pass the word on about this and take the time out to watch this video. To see it,
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Invisible Children- The Rescue.

While I was Uganda, I heard story after story about these kids from people who were their family members. The people in the North just live in fear of Joseph Kony and his child army (The LRA). I was there when he did not show up to sign the peace agreements. Ugandans were disgusted and nobody really believed he would show up anyway. While we celebrated on Christmas Day this past year, Hundreds in Uganda and the Congo were mourning the death of their loved ones as the LRA (The Lord's Resistance Army) slaughtered the innocent to show their power and prove they could not be defeated.

All of this makes me ponder some things. I have been pondering for some time now and feel I must share it here on my blog. From a spiritual viewpoint, I ask the question over and over again to myself and God. Why of all the places on earth is the enemy (satan, evil, devil,- whatever you want to call him) trying to take out the population, ... the society of Africa at an accelerated rate?
Think about it. Africa is reeking with poverty, disease - malaria, HIV/AIDS and dysentery, war- many rebel armies and past governments and tribes fighting one another and wiping each other out-- and famine. It's history even shows families being separated because of slavery and removed from their homeland. The majority of the continent has felt oppression for many many years. It is extremely overwhelming. Africa's numbers of orphans are extremely high. The average lifespan is extremely low and it is predicted that by the mid 2000's there will be many countries whose populations will be wiped out. Society structures are being wiped out. Families are being separated by death and abduction of rebel groups like the LRA. This is no longer a small problem.

While I was in Africa, it was pointed out to us that " it is hard to succeed in life because everyday you are fighting disease such as Malaria, dysentery, and worms and extreme poverty trying to feed your family and other family members so there is no energy left to get an education or money for it. There is no energy left but to rest for the next day's work. You can't help your neighbor because you can barely make it yourself." There are some who are doing it. But they are doing it with Foreigner's help.
And.... the rest of the world in general doesn't care! Why don't they care? Why do they not have empathy. Why is there so much Apathy?
The world in general has forgotten about humanity. They have just forgotten. They have become selfish and self consumed. They want to know, what will it profit me? When the answer is "Probably nothing", they shrug their shoulders and walk on. There are very few who actually raise their heads and notice and care.

So back to why is Africa a main target? As I pondered this question, several things came to my heart and mind. These are my thoughts and my ponderings but what if there is truth to this. What if?
Here are my observations for what they are worth:
Africa is centrally located on the earth. It is the largest continent on the earth. There is a spirituality about the people of Africa that intrigues us all. (The enemy has distorted that as well ) The music and songs that come out of their culture fascinate the world. So stating all of those facts, I think that Africa is a target because the people carry many gifts intellectually that the world needs. I think that they hold many spiritual gifts that the world needs. I believe that the saving of Africa and its children will be the key to awakening the spirituality of the rest of the world. It will lead them to discover a God who loves them beyond imagination. There are riches there we know nothing about, both naturally and spiritually. The enemy always tries to thwart the plans of God, but in the end God always is victorious.

But God also uses people in his plans. He passed on authority to us humans on this earth to dominate it and therefore I think He expects us to do just that. We have power to PRAY and ask God to release his hand to fight the enemy and we have power to ACT against the enemy. We must be "doers of the Word and not hearers only. " (James 1:21-22) Did you know that word "Word" actually speaks of Jesus? (The Word became flesh. John 1:1, 14) We should be doers of the Word. Doers of Jesus. Be Jesus. Now how clear is that? Jesus came to seek and to save. (Luke 19:10) Uh, those are action words. So that means we are to seek and to save. WE are to be used in His Plans! It may profit us nothing in this world but it will profit the one in Africa you reach out to. It will profit their life. Isn't that what Jesus did hanging on the cross? It profited him nothing to hang on that cross, but it profited us LIFE. What sacrifice, What Love! Are we willing to do the same for another human? Are we willing to fight for the HOPE of someone else?

These children are losing their lives and their futures. One thing we can do is intercede in prayer for this event. These guys are doing what Jesus would be doing. They are being the hands of God's heart. They are wanting Justice for the orphaned and widowed. I don't know if these guys who founded Invisible Children are Christians or not but they are doing the work that Christians should be doing.

Please pass this on to as many people as possible. I wept as I watched this video because it broke my heart that the enemy is slaughtering innocent children killing whoever he wills as the world stands by and watches. Will you be moved to action to help rescue the children? Melissa


Becky Ryder said...

Very good post! Africa has always been in my heart and now our little Lucus waits for us in Uganda. Watching mission videos of Uganda shows me Africans are hungry for the Word! God bless!

Philip J Ebiner said...
check out my video i made promoting THE RESCUE
spread teh word!


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