Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ugandans are coming!

I am so excited! I know I am rehashing this story but .....
A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting here thinking, man, I wish I could go hear the African Children's choir. That would be awesome. Most of the places I had ever seen them visit was up North. It sort of slipped my mind to later go and look where they were in concert.
Last week a friend of mine casually says on Facebook, " Hey the African Children's Choir is going to be at Church on March 29th, ya'll come. It should be great. "
Well, that church is our former home church and here in our hometown and I was totally excited! How great is that. Then another friend on facebook who is the Music minister there posts, "I am looking for host homes for the kids." Well, You know What I did? " I messaged him and said, "How many can I have?" So, now we are putting up three boys, a sponsor and the Tour director. How exciting is that?! They will be with us three days before they have to move on to their next concert in Birmingham.
Can't wait! BEfore they come we will be having a Japanese college student come stay with us for 9 days. Koki has stayed with us before and so we are looking forward to picking him up on Friday. Life is about to get busy for a couple of weeks! But hey, What opportunities!

P.S. I think I might surprise them with some Ugandan food that Esther taught me. I bet they have not had any since being in the States. I'll let you know how it goes. Yummm! Matoke and Irish sounds good right now. Or some Potatoes Masala, or Beans and Rice.

UPDATE: We have heard nothing from Uganda as yet, so we still wait. Some friends are going to Uganda next week to start the process for two kids they are wanting to adopt/become guardians of and so they are taking a care package to Allenni, Andrew and Isaiah. Stupid me fortgot to take photos of the package for memory sake so there are none to show you.


Lisa said...

Are the potatoes masala the ones you brought to Amy's over the summer? Those were really great! See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

So, a friend of mine passed the link of your blog on to me (but don't ask me how he found it). My name is Andrew Stanley and I'm sitting in the Detroit Airport, on my way back from vacation. Where am I going? I'm actually flying back to Mississippi, where the African Children's Choir (the same one that's coming to your town) is at. I'm the Tour Leader / Director for the choir. I just wanted to say that I'm very encouraged by your excitement to have the team for a few days! It was a blessing to read and I pray it's a blessing for all of us while we're there too! I look forward to meeting you very soon! God Bless!!

Janet said...

I LOVE masala stuff! At one of the restaurants in Jinja they had fries marsala. SOOOO good! Let us know how the visit goes!

Melissa Carter said...

I love Masala stuff too! I learned how to cook those potatoes masala that we had in Jinja too!

Melissa Carter said...

Hi Andrew! So glad to meet you! Isn't the world smaller than we think?
We look forward to meeting you and having you and the kids in our home. Since, Your message came through to me here, I had no email to respond back so had to do it here. Hope you get it.
Blessings, Melissa


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