Monday, January 19, 2009

The House- Week 5

The progress on the upper floor is amazing me. Only on week 5 and with a crew of 4-5 guys, they are moving along. It has really been incredible to watch. To take a drawing on paper and put it together in wood is pretty neat. We are living in the house during all this construction and so far it has not really interfered in our lives. The cranking up of the bulldozer usually awakes me around 7am and they hammer and saw till about 4:30 pm when it starts to turn dark. The biggest inconvenience has been the cool drafts that come through the house and the tarp that flaps during the night. We just layer up extra clothes and pull out the radiator heaters and I pretend that the tarps flapping in the wind beating the house are waves on the ocean to lull me to sleep. So,this is week 5 of the construction.
They tore the roof section off over the garage to begin putting in the flooing after supports.

The left side over our bedroom is up. The houses' original roof in the middle will be torn off and raised.Ben looking out the front left window
Lifting the joist up to the roof

The framing beginning to go up on the right side Half of the gable on the right The front window frames are going in! We will finally have light in the living room!
The house is changing shape

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