Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eli When He Discovered He had Family


A Child Mended
A Child Loved

A Child Healed

A Child With A Family

A Child with a Country

Make a Difference

I walk along the gray streets of a city in China
Today a good, cold breeze is blowing so I can actually see the tops of the buildings
I was beginning to think the sky was really a brownish-gray
But today I can see a cloud or two amongst the fading blue
Though the sun is still somewhat eclipsed by the smog.
I am a spectacle among the crowds,
Many, many thousands of people wondering why
This large, white man is walking down the streets, taking pictures
Yet no one notices the one that my eyes immediately see
Because I see him with the eyes of the spirit man in me
A man with no legs, dragging himself and his tin cup across the sidewalk
Even a brief glance shows he is not purely Chinese
He has some Mongolian traits
But what a picture with him dragging himself across the sidewalk
While thousands upon thousands take no notice
I don’t say that in condemnation for I am sure they see him everyday
They have become used to him
I lift up my camera to take away a memory of this touching scene
And his eyes meet mine for a second
There is too much pain, too much dignity in him for me to take a picture
I simply place the picture of his face in my mind
I hear the sound of his loose trousers dragging the concrete ground
I remember the voice of Jesus in my spirit that says, “This is who I died for.
“This is one I gave up heaven for, this is one I love.”

Months go by. I am enjoying a cloudy, cooler afternoon with my family
We walk on cool, green grass on a lovely summer day
My Chinese son is running as hard as he can after his aunt and his Papaw.
“You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me!” he says laughing the whole time
As they grasp him up and laughter fills the skies.
Yet, you see, this one’s future was to be just like the man above.
My son was left in an orphanage where his condition would have left him crippled
He was destined to crawl on the concrete, begging for food
Ignored by the masses and feeling ignored by God
Yet here he is laughing, playing, walking, running,
Loving and being loved, sharing the smile of His very Creator.
God is with Him and I can see it. I never would have seen it if we hadn’t taken him in.
I never would have seen it if God had not led him into our lives
I bow my head in humble gratitude that God would allow us to do His kingdom work
Yet my soul aches for the ones left behind.
Let’s make a difference, one child at a time
Duane Carter 6-25-07

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