Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve/ Papaw's Birthday

Christmas Day is also Duane's Dad's (Kelly) Birthday so we always try to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Eve. For the second year in a row, Eula (His mom) has fixed breakfast for dinner and this year was wonderful. Duane's parents moved here closer to us about 3 years ago from Virginia and used to own a bed and breakfast there so we are happy for her to make us breakfast any time.
I'm sort of backtracking here and doing Christmas EVE after Christmas but I had already loaded Christmas before I realized that Christmas Eve was not even blogged. Oh well, I think We can live through this backwardness. On second thought, THAT is what I do everyday! Ha!
D0 YOU ever have that Deja Vu feeling? Or is it only me? Please tell me it is not only me!!!!

Graham, Duane and Ben at Nana's

Maggie and Seora
Carter is not sure about getting a kiss from Uncle Duane

Who is out there?? Could it be Santa?

Uhhhhhhh! People there is a strange looking man peering into the house! And I don't think it is Santa.

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