Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What happened to last week? Where did it go?

These pics were taken with my cell phone so the quality is not good.
This is Eli at the dentist.

Ben and Maggie getting ready to unload the 2nd and 3rd cart into the van
Good thing we didn't have all the kids, The seats were full too!

After our yard sale last weekend, I was pooped! Sunday was a day of rest and I ended up taking a really long nap. Come Monday morning, it was school for us again, Tuesday was homeschool co-op, Wednesday was school again, Thursday was take 3 kids and myself to the dentist again to get their cavities filled and my teeth cleaned. I was so thankful that I had no cavities! Eli did awesomely well for his first time having a filling and Seora was very brave even when they numbed her jaw. I think watching QVC on the ceiling helped. Friday came and after morning break the kids pleaded to quit school for the day. Some other schools were out Friday as well and Graham had playing on his mind so I relented and let him. Thursday afternoon, I spent about 1 1/2 hours making a grocery list and ordering it with click and pull from Sam's. It was tiring because I had to make the list by searching for the product and then place the order before 5pm for pickup the next day. I made it with 10 minutes to spare! Whew! I had pretty much let all the pantries and freezers run dry and so we NEEDED food! I wasn't sure how much more creative I could be with a can of tomato paste and pasta!
But it was much more comfortable as I sat in my big comfy chair doing it than walking around Sam's on every aisle looking for what I needed. Typically it takes me 3-4 hours just to shop in Sam's. We only shop once a month except for bread, milk and fresh veggies and fruit and we do that every other week. I just don't have time to go every week. It actually saves us money by doing it that way.
The real reason I let school out early was because I needed to go to Sam's to get my food and to Aldi's to get some other things. I loaded up the coolers and took Ben and Maggie to help me and off we went to gather groceries.
I love Click and Pull. I shop in my chair in my living room, someone else pulls the list for me for free,loads it up in carts, and I go in and pay. I load it into my van and Voila it is done!
Now the packing it into the van is a chore because I have a perfectionist son who has to have everything symmetrical and there are a lot of items to get symmetrical. So how many items did we get? ! 101! Cases that is! Minus a few cantelopes.
Anyway, we got the van loaded and headed home because we had already gone to Aldi's.
When we arrived home, I tooted my horn for all to come and help unload and with all of us working we had it unloaded and put away in no time.
So from the point of leaving my house, going to Sam's and Aldi's and unloading and putting up we managed it all in about 3 hours! That's a record! Think they will put me in the Guiness Book Of World Records? Now next time, I go to click and pull, I will already have my list made and will just have to purchase. That is if I will remember to go online first.
One of these days, I will make a list of how much this household goes through in a month or week. I have had several people ask.
Saturday, I spent most of the day having me time. I did one of my favorite things to do. I went to my monthly art workshop. I actually finished one painting and started on 2 more. Sunday was spent with friends and family and that brings us back around to Monday.... We woke up and started school. Oh, oops, No we didn't!.... I let them out again. They convinced me it was a holiday or something. They must've been right 'cause the mail didn't run.


Christine said...

Your Sam's trip sounds liek my Costco trips. :)


OK, how long does that van load of food last you guys!! That is a ton of food!!
jen in mi

Tina said...

Thank you for posting this, I can't believe I didn't see it already. We are one of those 600-A families too.

ps: I work with Alan H (he says he's your neighbor) and he says hello :)


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