Monday, October 13, 2008

We heard form Africa Today!

We got an email from Africa today and they are hoping that Isaiah's passport will be ready next week. Our attorney has been out of country with a job position change and that has been some of the delay. Please continue to pray for us. As far as Allenni and Andrew's situation goes, we don't know anything new.
The missionary there helping me, said he see's the kids every week and they are doing good.
Thought I would share a video of the kids that I found on my computer.
You can turn off the music player below but I think it goes well with the clip.


Janet said...

So....does this mean that he will be coming home soon?

Is your lawyer Peter?

Melissa said...

Melissa, I am so sorry about this wait. Praying for our Lord to move in amazing ways. I am praying they will all be home for Christmas. It has been my prayer that when you go to pick up your sweet little guy, that all will fall into place while you are there, so that all three can come home, with their mama, at the same time.


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