Saturday, September 6, 2008

Somedays are just Dog Days!

I have no photographs for this day but it would have been well worth it if I had! Maybe I'll find one of our dogs.
It is Saturday, my only day to sleep in. But not today! I was awakened by the nappy bark of our newest family member Sassy at 6:30am this morning coming from outside! As I moaned and groaned pulling myself out of bed, I complained under my breath about the kids not putting the dogs up the night before int he laundry room like they were supposed to. After letting the Sassy in the house, I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. I then remembered that I had seen a yard sale sign in the neighborhood yesterday and so I decided I might as well go hunt for bargains. I got up and got dressed and slipped out unnoticed! Yeah!!!!!
One For ME!
Of course I found some things I can use, including a rocking chair for Isaiah's room. Happy with my little treasures, I went back home to find Eli looking for me! "Where did you go???" he asked in frustration, "I was lookin and lookin' for you." When I told him that I had been to a yard sale, he decided that I should have told him and asked him to go with me. (Eli has discovered that yard sales allow him to come home with lots of loot.)
Anyway, I talked to Duane a little bit as he was awake by now and then headed to the computer to work on one of my websites because he has told me he wants to give me Saturdays with some time off. A little bit later, Graham who was getting ready for Soccer practice yelled, "Mom something is wrong with Midnight, she smells horrible!" About that time Midnight,(Our black lab) bounded into the office all happy and carefree and smelling so horrible that I began to gag trying not to throw up! We rushed her outside and holding my breath, I grabed her collar and snapped it off as it was covered in something nasty and took it to the laundry room to drown it in bleach! The smell was so bad, that I started gagging again and with that I peed in my pants!!!
I rushed to my bathroom and exclaimed upon arrival to Duane,
" Sometime, I hate my life!" He smiled asking what was up. I told him ending with, "Now I am going to have to wash that dumb dog." Ever so calmly he just tell me to get Graham to wash Midnight.
"Uh, yeah, right!" I tried that one before and we ended up with a wild dog, a wild kid, and a wild mama getting nothing done. It is easier for me to do it myself.

Do you even want to know what happened?

Probably not, but I am going to tell you anyway!
While all my children, enjoyed their leisurely morning sleeping in, I attempted to try to give the dog a bath.
First, I decided that I needed to tie Midnight up on a short leash. So I wrapped a cord around a tree to make it shorter and hooked her up. Then I got the hose and lo and behold, it wouldn't reach the dog! ugh!
I unleashed Midnight to try to extend the cord and she took off running. Ugh!
I extended the cord and tried to get Midnight hooked back up. She refused to move and snapped her collar off.
Frustrated, I tried to figure out what to do when I heard a wonderful sound! A Sneeze! It was my 16 year old son, Ben. He had been at a neighbor's house giving their dogs medicine while they are away on a trip. I seized him and told him he was recruited to help give Midnight a bath. He went and got doggy treats and the leash.
We finally got her to the hose and turned on the water!
You would think that was all good, but she started fighting us and Sassy, who is weird all around and has this obsession with water coming out of a hose started going crazy. I was reminded about it as soon as the water came on. Sassy tries to eat the water out of a hose and she enters into her own world when the water appears. She snaps, runs, jumps and barks at it. It is funny but then can become annoying especially if you are trying to wash another dog!
So,all the while, we are fussing at her to stop and to Midnight to sit down.
I dumped half a bottle of shampoo on Midnight and started to lather her up and she relaxed a bit. Sassy continued her little maniac episode. Then all of a sudden, I felt this incredible pain in my hand and looked down to see that the dumb dog has bitten me! It wasn't a nip but a downright bite drawing blood! UGH! OUCH!!!
At this point Midnight looked like a big foam covered black lump and so I couldn't stop washing her. Ben gave me her leash and scooped up Sassy to put her in her crate so we could finish the bath in peace. I hurried up and finished because my hand was throbbing . We let Midnight go and she ran across the yard and immediately found a dirt pile to roll in. At least she doesn't stink anymore.
I went into the house and cleaned out the wound and changed my clothes.
Then settled in at the computer to do some work. A little while later, Graham hollers, "Mom, Midnight stinks again!" Ugh!
We traversed the yard and found nothing or smelled nothing that we thought she could have rolled in. So maybe I didn't get her clean. Who knows!
Remember it was my "OFF" day?
There is really never an "off" day for moms but we sure can try. Today, I have been rerouting them to their dad.
Some days NEVER turn out how you plan them to. But that is Life with a large family.


Janet said...

WOW! Sounds like a veeery interesting day! I prefer boring ones....;-)

Christine said...

OUch, hope you feel better. I'm thankful that our little dog doens't mind baths. :)


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