Tuesday, September 9, 2008

RED LETTERS - The Book - A Review

I am writing a review of a book that every Christian needs to read. The book, "RED LETTERS , Living a Life that Bleeds Jesus" is written by Tom Davis. Tom has written about a tough topic, the topic of living Jesus' words, of taking to heart the very words portrayed in our Bibles as words of Jesus and applying them to our hearts so we can apply Jesus to the lives of others. The church has not been living the words of Jesus. Jesus was a doer. We need to be doers of His word and we need not to condemn people. Too long we have ignored the issues of HIV and AIDS that are wiping out families and countries that are leaving millions of orphans and widows hopeless. We have forgotten them because they are not in our world. I recommend you do something, First read this book, then visit http://redletterscampaign.com then go do something to change a life and be Jesus to someone.
You can click on my Shelfari below and it will take you to where you can purchase the book.
You can also click on the logo below and it will take you to the Red Letters Campaign website.


Melissa said...

Yes amazing book. We all say we want to serve the Lord Jesus, then wonder how. He tells us how. It is a hard, laying down your life, daily dying and giving way. It is not an easy way, but is the way that Jesus Himself says we serve HIM! Yep, I agree it is a must read. But it falls under the "to whom much is given much is required" category. Once you come face to face with this truth, you only have two options. Live to die or die to live, not just to bring life to ourselves but life to others. Powerful stuff, really makes me think. I have been trying to convey to our home group how messed up Mat. 25 has me. It is not so much the "as you have done unto the least of these you have done unto me" that gets me it's the " as you have not done it unto the least of these you have not done it unto me" Me? Leave Jesus hungry? Alone in His sickness? Alone in His prison? Me, leave Jesus naked? God forbid.

Christine said...

Greta post. I would love to read the book if I ever had time.


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