Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of Homeschool Co-op

Well, Today We had to get up EARLY!!!!! 6:45 am can me toooo soon!
None of us liked it! We Never get up that Early! But we actually broke a record and were ready on time and left on time with NOBODY being left! (Just ask Nathaniel what happens if you are not ready to leave When I am) Yes, you guessed it. We all wave bye to you as we drive down the road. So this morning was a bustling morning as we rushed to make our lunches and gather our school supplies and drive across to town to take classes with other homeschoolers.
There were Chemistry classes, Geography classes, Math classes, Drama classes, and many more. I actually got to sit around in the "Parent's Lounge" as It is not my month to teach. It was very nice.
Eli's social studies teacher told me that in the middle of class Eli raised his hand and said, "Well, I am ready to be finished with this class now." Thankfully, she thought it was funny. His favorite class was P.E. of course.
The other kids came home, looking like deer with headlights in their eyes. All of a sudden , my teaching doesn't seem so hard!

We have heard nothing from Uganda. So we still wait. I did get a toddler bed and twin bed for Allenni and Isaiah's room as I figured the bunk bed just wasn't going to work.
Of course, I had to recruit my dear, sweet husband to take apart the bunk beds, move them and put them back together and help me move some heavy furniture. It looks so cute! That little bed is just perfect for Isaiah!
The missionary that helped me before in Uganda, returned there today. So I am hoping that we will hear some news soon after they recuperate from jet lag and get settled back in.
Well, I better get going. I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck and the pain is stepping up a notch.

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