Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come Down to Me

Come Down to Me

I have been praying for God to come down to me
To rend the heavens and come down,
come down
I want to taste His glory, His splendor, His beauty I want the oil of His love to be my crown
I cry, I fast, I weep, I pray I am stilled when I hear the Father say,
“You come down to me, come down to me

I live in the dregs and depths of society
I live where the poor and the needy lie
I live where people are sick and die”

He shows me a picture of the orphan’s face
He says, “Right here, right now is My love and grace.
To be raised up, son, you must come down
For here in the pit is My glory and crown.”
I have been praying to God to come down to me
I must descend now to be now set free
He rent the heavens and showed me His face
In the face of an orphan needing His love and His grace I must go down

Duane Carter 4-30-08

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Janet said...

What a lovely post. And a lovely pic.


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