Thursday, August 7, 2008

No News really from Uganda

Well, as of today, there is no news on the kids except to say, the lawyer is slow on this matter. (smile)
John, our friend who is helping do our legwork wrote and told us that while downtown on business, some man robbed him of his cell phone and he fought the man to get it back and finally did when some other people came to his rescue. We thank God he was not hurt badly.
Cell phones are precious amenities over in Uganda.
Hopefully soon we will get some pictures of the kids and the update says they are doing well.
On other fronts, we have been emotionally drained this past week and that is another whole blog entry! God is faithful and always there for us. That is our stability.
We had to delay Koki our Japanese student from coming this week so hopefully we will get him this weekend.

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