Thursday, August 7, 2008

July Women's Conference

Me, Nikki, Marie,Kathy, and Mikki
Nikki and I out for lunch
Pajama Party!
Beautiful are the feet of those who spread the good news!
All of us taking a detour in Lexington KY

In July, I was able to go to a women's conference with 5 of my friends for 6 days. We drove to West Virginia. Now that was a 9 hour drive. We drove til we could drive no more and finally found a hotel somewhere in Kentucky. the next morning we took our time getting out of the hotel and arrived in Hurricane, West Virginia only 1 1/2 hours later!
It was one of the best times I have ever had in my life! I never laughed so much, talked so much or cried so much and sometimes all at the same time! Deeper friendships were formed and some were tightened. Nikki, Mikki, Marie and Kathi-- West Virginia will be missin' us!
I am so thankful to my husband for allowing me take the time to renew spiritually as well as well as emotionally. I learned so much at the conference and it was a wonderful time to support my friends as they were speakers and singers.
Applebee's was the only place open late, so we became regulars every night! Most nights bedtime didn't come until 1-2 am. But what fun we had.
Nikki and I discovered this restaurant named Taste of Asia and so we went back 3 times! We had our choice of Thai Food(YUM!), Japanese and Chinese.
We all even went to Walmart and bought matching pj's and chocolate. You can't deny that was a good Pajama party!
Sisters, love ya!

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