Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Days in Town Working on Paperwork

We are in Love!
Isaiah loves kisses from his mommy
Can I be cuter?
How much do I weigh?

Two Days in town working on paperwork

Wed. and Thursday, May 15, 2008 2 days in town working on paperwork. Yesterday, We get up, to go into town to run some errands for Isaiah’s guardianship. We stopped by Mama Beatrice’s house to get Isaiah and head out. John, Scott’s assistant is with us and we go by the attorney’s office to pick up his driver to show us where the place is to go to get the fingerprints. We got there and they were not ready because the electricity had been off the day before so we were told to come back at 3p.m. I then called the clinic where Isaiah’s immigration medical is and ask if we can come early and they agreed to let us come on ahead. He did very well and didn’t even cry when they pricked his finger for the HIV test. He weighed 9 kilos which is about 19.8 pounds! He has gained some weight. He was 27 inches compared to the 24 I measured him at in Feb.! We then went and met Scott and Brenda and another missionary Denise who were in town for lunch. I was brave and tried Curried Goat Stew and let me say it was very delicious! Isaiah liked the rice and had a bottle and tastes of our food. He was so happy. Grinning all the time. We headed for the house and had Isaiah spend the night as we had to leave for town this morning at 6am. What a night! He did not sleep good, so I didn’t sleep, so Duane didn’t sleep well. The electricity went out on and off last night and it was just plain miserable with heat. The dogs continued as they do every night at about 2am to serenade us with their awful howling half the night and when the power did come back on the people who had left their badly muffled but very loud TV or radio on did not turn it off for about 45 minutes after the power came back on around 3am! Should have brought ear plugs! There are 10pair sitting in my medicine cabinet at home in the US of A! Well, I just wanted to give you a visual of going to bed or trying to at night. (smile) Anyway.The mosquitoes were bad last night too and so Isaiah ended up in the middle of Duane and I in our small bed and was finally pretty happy! Then before we wanted it to, the alarm and the Muslims started their call to pray at 5 a.m.! UGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! We did not want to get up. But little Isaiah, well, he slept on. The whole big bed to himself while we got our showers,(we are getting pretty good at not being electrocuted when we take a shower) (You have to go back and read previous accounts about getting electrocuted in my previous trip to Uganda) got dressed and packed his little diaper bag for him. HA! I left him in bed for another hour and half and then scooped him up as our driver arrived 30 minutes late. Thankfully in our favor, it was raining and nobody was venturing out so the ride into town was a little quicker and we arrived at the clinic for part 2 of Isaiah’s physical for his immigration visa. He did great and Dr. Stockley said he looked good for what he had been through and detected a heart murmur but told us not to be concerned. As usual Dr. Stockley, a great conversationalist discussed with Duane various issues. He is pretty funny and very opinionated about a few things. Afterwards, we went to get breakfast at a coffee spot and Charles, our driver, took it upon himself to teach us Luganda, but frankly, with no sleep, It was all very confusing. He told us that in two weeks he could have us speaking Lugandan. But I did learn, this; Thank you --- Way booly Bye--- Way loobu Hello--- olyio ti ya Don’t hold me to those! Afterwards we went to the grocery and got a few things before heading to KLM to change our tickets. We ended up changing our tickets to leave May 27 as there were no available flights before then. Paul, my friend there was very helpful and amused that I had come back and was still here. He told me not to change it again! We then headed to the US embassy to meet with Mr. Flook the Consulate and he looked over Allenni and Andrew’s papers and told me everything looked in order except for 2 papers which should be easy to get. He also told me that he had found out that in case the kids were not issued passports, there is a waiver that can be issued to the children since their mother ( me) is a US citizen allowing the children to travel without a passport. But that he was looking into it to see if the guardianship qualified as proof enough that I was their mother. On that note, I called Charles about the document he was supposed to get from the prime minister’s office and he got it today!!!!!! Yeah!!! BUT took it to the immigration and then they requested ANOTHER document before they would issue them! So, Charles got that today and will be taking them tomorrow(Friday) to the Immigration to get the passports issued.! Please pray for this mountain to be moved. We took Isaiah back to Mama Beatrice’s house and that was fun! Ever been 4 wheeling in a 14 passenger van??? Well, Duane and I can say, WE HAVE!!! It was a tad nerve wracking. There had been a pretty good rain and the mud was slick and gooey. Going up a mountain is really not a good idea in the wet, red mud. Like driving in bad ice or snow! Our back end was spinning out from us and going its own way! We got stuck! Our driver, who was a happy person anyway, thought it was pretty funny. Finally, after the car being sideways on the one lane road, he locked it into 4 wheel drive and got out. But not after some serious sliding around! Some guys who were making some bricks where we got stuck started joking around with Charles and told him. “Oh, the Mzungu’s are stuck here, We are going to get rich” Charles thought that was funny as he translated for us! (meaning, They could take all our money, while no where to go!) Ha! ( They were joking and we had no fear by the way!) We arrived back home after dropping Isaiah off and went down for a nap. Please pray for Duane as he is all congested and has a sore throat and me as my heart keeps skipping beats for the last three days, which makes me cough and my sinuses are hurting badly. The smog has been bad these last two days. Physically, our bodies tire out a little faster. I also think it might be a spiritual attack to try to keep us from what needs to be done. God is faithful and keeps us protected and is fighting our battles for us. We are not complaining, we just want you to pray for physical well being. It seems we get over one thing and then get hit with another. Well, that about wraps up this day. Tomorrow we hope to hear good news that the passports are being printed for Allenni and Andrew and that we have a court date for Isaiah on Monday. Obviously as you have guessed we did not get it today. Blessings, Melissa

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