Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Still Waiting

Still Waiting

Still Waiting Well, I finally have a moment to type. I have been able to add photos to the iweb site so visit it if you haven’t already. All the kids are doing well with minor behavior problems. Between me being sick and the kids believing in as little sleep as possible and Mukisa being sick and not sleeping well with various issues. I am tired. I just read my last entry that I wrote a few days ago and was encouraged. It has been one of those days where I feel in a slump again emotionally. This is a case of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Mukisa came to me with a nasty sinus infection and so we got him started on antibiotics right away. He greatly improved but the night before last, he woke up not long after going to bed just totally irritated and clawing at himself so in the dark, I just patted him then felt these big welts on his skin. I thought a mosquito was getting hold of him then I felt them all over his body. I then turned on the light and found that he was covered in welts from his head to toe and I didn’t like his breathing. I took him sown stairs to Rozenna who is a nurse to see if she had any Benydrl as I had used the last of mine. She didn’t but then we went and woke up Brad and Anya who are here adopting Micah to see if they had some. Thankfully they did and I gave it to him and then rubbed him down with Calamine lotion. He looked like he was trying to be a little white boy! This evidently soothed the itching because he started giggling when I pulled out the camera. He loves the camera! He also recognizes himself in the photo finder when I show him the photo and he clapped his hands and laughed! The kid is smart. He is learning things so fast! I must stop here and tell you that Duane and I have decided to Change his name to Mukisa Isaiah. Trevor just doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t know Why. (Sorry to anyone named Trevor, reading this , no offense). His name suits him perfect. The meaning of his name is, “Blessing and Salvation comes from God”. How cool is that? Andrew’s name is also Mukisa. I have two Blessings from God. With Mukisa’s story, Salvation in the earthly realm is his as well as in the spiritual realm! Last night wasn’t much better for sleep either. Mukisa liked to never went to sleep last night for some reason and then when he did it was a fitful one. Then at 1:30 am we were awakened to the worst storm I have ever experienced. We have 2 sets of windows in our room and they are always open. They are mosquito netted. We also leave our door open with a mosquito net covering it and so there is nice breeze blowing through the room as it cools down considerably at night. Well, this storm blew in and freaked Andrew out who was on the top bunk. He was also by the window. He started screaming Mama! Mama! Air, Air! I told him to just close the curtains. He was too scared, he finally managed it and then promptly hid under his covers. It then really picked up and the curtains were violently flapping so violently and rain blowing in, I decided to close the windows. Now this was a feat in itself as I think the windows had been open for 10 years and never closed! First, I had to pull the bunk bed loaded with two kids out from the wall. And then I had to manage the big wooden screens off of the windows to try and reach the window to close it. Finally! After getting soaking wet, I got them closed. I was worn out! The kids settled down. I could hear things being thrown around outside on the veranda. Torrents of rain were just coming down. It was quite impressive. The temp dropped down to probably 50’s and it was nice. I got up to see if everything was ok out on the veranda after it slowed down somewhat and the furniture was everywhere. The puzzle that the kids had left out after they finished it was no longer there but down by my room and our empty suitcases had been thrown around. Leaves and stuff were there. Welcome to the rainy season! It started out cool this morning but ended up to be pretty humid and hot. Thankfully, there is a breeze most of the time as we are on top of the hill. So last night, after the storm, like I said, Mukisa didn’t sleep well and so I took mini naps as he had stomach problems and pooted all night! I could’ve used some air freshener! As I am sleeping in the bed with Mukisa I was not a happy camper!

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