Sunday, July 13, 2008

Prayer Request -Miracles Needed

Hello everyone,
Just a short note to ask you to pray.I will send a longer post to tell you about what has been happening later but it is late and I really need to get to bed.
We had hoped our court date would have been Monday. ?_It was not and today it didn't happen either.
This really pushes us now to get done before we leave on the 27th. ?_
So.. prayer #1
Court date on Wed. and ruling given on Thursday morning. Passport issued by Thursday.

We didn't hear from Charles, A&A's attorney yesterday either but he called tonight and said the Prime Minister's office is giving him the run around, ?_Letter is written but he can't find the right person who needs to sign it. ?_He is going to see another man tomorrow about it.

So... prayer #2
Pray that A&A's passports will be issued by Thursday Morning.

I am homesick and had a cry session this morning really missing the kids and from their emails and IM's, they are missing me.
So..... Prayer# 3
Pray for us all to hang in there.

When passports (in faith) are given we will rush them to the US Embassy to get Visas and pray they are granted before Tuesday afternoon. (Monday is a Holiday) so we lose a day.
so....Prayer #4
Pray for quick issuance of visas after passports

Every circumstance points to "It is not gonna happen", but.....
we serve a big God who works miracles and we are trusting Him to move govt. officials to get the kids home and all of us to be together in one place. God has been giving us scripture all day today to tell us Be joyful. Rejoice, I am working on your behalf, though you can't see it. ?_
So..... Prayer #5
Pray for a miracle for all three kids!

Thanks so much for all your prayers,

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