Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Plane Left without Us

Duane and I at Lake Victoria

The Plane Left Without US

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Plane Left Without Us

Well, today was pretty much a leisure day and we went into town with Scott, Brenda, Sarah their daughter and Darlene, another missionary. I went with Brenda to the Beauty shop to get her hair done while Duane went with Scott to deliver some papers to Lawrence, our attorney. After they got back, they waited on us next door discussing “man things” I suppose. After we were finished, we joined them and had tea before heading off to lunch at a very good restaurant.

Duane had a very nice cheese burger, very close to an American one with fries for about $10. So that wasn’t bad.

I got a cheese burger with “monkey gland” sauce. It was really good. There was no monkey actually involved just a name. Or so they say. It was more of a chutney. So along with my repertoire of interesting food, I can add Monkey Gland Sauce.

Well, that done we headed home to rest a while.

Lawrence told Duane that he was filing our papers today and we should have a hearing on Monday.

I talked to Charles the attorney for Allenni and Andrew and I thought he got the paper from the Prime Minister’s Office but from what I understood today, they have it drafted but not signed. He got the 2nd document he needed for the PM’s office but now they want to see the whole file on the children before they issue the letter. So today Charles retrieved the file from Immigration and will go first thing Monday to give it to them. Sounds like they are sending Charles on a rabbit chase.

Please pray that things will fall into place next week very quickly for these passports.

Tonight was the night we were supposed to leave to come home, but we extended our flight to leave May 27. That was the earliest next flight to get a seat.

Duane was a little bummed out tonight but he will be ok. “I teasingly told him “to get over it and be a man!” Ha! When he reached his 8th time of changing the plane ticket, then he could be bummed as much as he wanted. (Smile) He took it well. The Florida team that was here, left tonight. That is my third team that has come and gone since I have been here! I have met some really great people. God used the pastors on this team to encourage Duane and I tremendously.

Mama Shirley, the founding missionary of this mission here said tonight, “Well, another team has come and gone and the Carters are still here!”

Well, that about wraps up this day. Thanks to those of you who have written encouraging emails to us. We greatly appreciate it. I posted even more new photos to the blog today. So check them out.

We will probably have the kids with us this weekend, so we will get more pics of them.

On Monday, I think we are moving down to Scott and Brenda’s house as they are leaving to go to the States for 3 months for the birth of their 1st grandbaby. They have internet there and the kids can come and stay with us there without being bored and overcrowded.

The only drawback is that they live DOWN below the church and that means that we not only have to climb those terrible stairs, but part of the mountain now to eat our meals. (Can you tell I hate exercise?) I am getting in better shape though. That is for sure. We have decided that one meal is good enough for us. Ha! We get some things we can fix ourselves for breakfast and a lot lately we have had to eat in town. So that really leaves one meal to climb for! LOL.

I guess, I better close with a list of specifics to continue to pray for.

1. For our health. My heart rate normalized today and my sinuses feel better. Duane on the other hand is fighting crude in his lungs and very sore throat. The smog and burning of things makes it hard to breathe. Like tonight, as I am writing this, someone somewhere is burning tires and it is making us sick with coughing and headaches. You have to have the windows open, so it won’t be so hot in the house.

2. That Monday, the Prime Minister’s office will ISSUE that letter so we can get the passports issued.

3. That our Court date will be early on Monday and the judge will complete the ruling and ISSUE it on Tuesday.

4. That Isaiah’s passport will be issued in a couple of days.

5. We need all passports by Thursday, May 22, 2008 to be able to have enough time to get the US visas for them. Monday the 26 is a holiday. We will still have Tuesday as we don’t leave til late at night.

6. That the 2 documents I need for Allenni and Andrew for the US Embassy will arrive quickly.

7. That the kids at home will be fine

8. For Allenni’s health. She is doing ok as long as she is on low doses of prednisone.

Thanks again for all of your prayers. We deeply appreciate them. If we did not have you all praying for us, we could not do what we are doing. When you release prayers to God on our behalf, He works.

We are expecting God to do awesome things for us this coming week. Better get to bed. Melissa

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